About Us

Hello Ladies!!
My name is Jeniffer Gonzalez, founder and designer of Chinca Swimwear. I am from Venezuela, and have been living in Tampa for eight years.
Chinca, derived from Chiquinquira, besides being my middle name, it represents the hope and kindness of my hometown, Maracaibo, Venezuela. 
Chinca Swimwear was born from the beach, from all the beautiful memories that I lived while I was on the beach. As a child, I used to go with my whole family, and as a teenager, I used to go with my friends (Venezuela has paradise beaches, you can google Cayo Sombrero or Los Roques). I have always seen the beach as a place to have fun, to connect with nature and to reconnect with yourself. I want this brand to accompany you in all those moments of happiness.
More than a brand, Chinca is a friend (me, lol) who will inspire you to feel magical under your own skin, facing the waves of the sea. My purpose is to show you that real life is not perfect as we are made to believe and that your differences make you unique. 
Every goal begins to take shape once you dedicate love, time, discipline, and perseverance (and as in this case, magic). Our pieces are designed here and manufactured in Colombia. Helping others is one of our core values, it fills me with pride knowing that Chinca is generating sustainable jobs in a community with scarce recourses. 
I want to invite you to explore yourself, have fun, and feel beautiful in mind, body and soul.